Motorola "concerned" about iPhone entering market

Motorola CTO Padmasree Warrior confessed to the Financial Times that she was "worried" about the effect of Apple's iPhone on the mobile phone market. "I do worry about [the iPhone] because [Apple] is a great competitor; a very respectable, credible, tough competitor to have in the industry," said Warrior. Despite the praise, Warrior predicted that the iPhone would appeal to a small part of the market; its Web browsing abilities would be limited by AT&T's slower 2.5G network; and its finger touch screen would limit its appeal for rank-and-file smartphone users.

"I do not think there is anything that is a serious roadblock for us to have great products like the RAZR and reinvent the industry again and again and again," said Warrior. "I think the RAZR2 will do that, I think the Q9 will do that."

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