Motorola converges DVRs, mobile devices

Motorola, it seems, is continuing to thumb its nose at the desires of carriers that want to sell their own music and TV services. First there was the phone incorporated with an iPod, then the iRadio phone, and now Motorola is introducing a new technology that can move recorded shows from a Motorola digital video recorder (DVR) set-top directly to a Motorola mobile device like the RAZR V3x. Starting with a Motorola DVR, consumers can now create a multimedia network that sends content not only to other rooms in the home, but to mobile devices with storage-card capacity. In addition, Motorola mobile devices can be used to program a Motorola DVR remotely. The full Follow Me TV experience is enabled by Motorola DVRs and the company's OCAP software solution. This software includes powerful tools designed to offer home media networking using the Multimedia over Cable Alliance standard.

To read more about Motorola's mobile DVR plans:
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