Motorola, Huawei create JV for UMTS

Motorola and China's Huawei signed a joint-venture deal that will see the two developing UMTS and HSPA (high-speed packet access) infrastructure. But is it enough for Motorola to compete with newly merged behemoths such as Alcatel/Lucent and Nokia/Siemens? Huawei, which is becoming a solid force in the infrastructure market, will get access at Motorola's customers and network expertise in both design and managed services, and Motorola gets its hands on what Huawei is noted for--cheap infrastructure equipment--something Huawei has certainly used to win a lot of contracts away from other vendors. Motorola said it intends to contribute its services expertise in network design, deployment and integration as well as provide value-added services such as network performance, network security, network management and Operation Support Systems. Huawei will contribute "its dramatically increasing expertise in technology innovation, research and development."

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