Motorola outlook gets rare upgrade; CenturyTel to deploy LTE in rural areas

> Credit Suisse upgraded Motorola's outlook from "underperform" to "neutral," giving a rare vote of confidence to the handset maker and the indication that its mobile devices business may have bottomed out. Article

> CenturyTel, which is merging with Embarq, will deploy Long Term Evolution technology to deliver high-speed access to its rural customers. Article

> Vodafone said it is trialing Ethernet microwave technology in an effort to quadruple its backhaul capacity as it tries to keep up with the amount of data on its network. Article

> T-Mobile plans to launch a commercial service using femtocell technology from UK-based Ubiquisys by mid-year in Germany. Article

> Nokia and ST-Ericsson announced a partnership to provide the Symbian Foundation with a reference platform based on the ST-Ericsson U8500 chip. Article

> Orange has negotiated a European-wide exclusive for LG's HSDPA watch phone. Article

And finally... An Illinois man was hit with a nearly $28,000 bill for using AT&T wireless Internet service from a a cruise ship in November to watch a Chicago Bears football game for more than two hours. AT&T has credited the man for the call. Article