Motorola releases HotZone Duo mesh WiFi product

Motorola introduced the HotZone Duo mesh WiFi product that could compete directly with its preferred muni-WiFi partner Tropos Networks. Motorola, which has won several high-profile contracts with Tropos for muni-WiFi networks, serves as the systems integrator for Tropos WiFi access points while using its own Motorola Canopy product to aggregate and route traffic to a backbone Internet network. But Motorola and Tropos have a history of what some call "coopetition," competing in some areas and cooperating in others. However, it's interesting to note that Motorola says the HotZone Due actually improves throughput and coverage for cities using Tropos gear because, unlike Tropos equipment that uses one radio to communicate with other access points, it uses multiple radio systems. Although single-radio systems are simple to deploy and affordable, multi-radio systems more closely match the requirements laid out in recent municipal proposals.

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