Motorola's Arshad drove Droid, and now may be working on the X-Phone

Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Motorola Mobility unit its reportedly working on what is widely believed to be the division's rumored X-Phone, an advanced Android device. But before there was the X-Phone, there was the Droid and the franchise it spawned. The man behind that line was Iqbal Arshad, Motorola's senior vice president of engineering for global product development, who argues that the company's best days are still ahead of it. He told Crain's Chicago Business that now that Motorola is a part of Google, it has "a new mission and charter, which is really refreshing and energizing." And what of the X-Phone? "I'm super-excited about the products we have in our labs," he said. "You'll find out in due time." Article