Motorola's ex-CTO becomes Cisco's CTO

That was quick. Padmasree Warrior, who just resigned as EVP and CTO of Motorola yesterday, announced that she has joined Cisco as its new CTO. Warrior resigned from Motorola less than a week after the company's CEO Ed Zander stepped down. Reports claim that Motorola had been preparing for Warrior's departure since October, and it seems rather clear now that Warrior left for the opportunity at Cisco more so than being pushed out of Motorola. Still, Zander and Warrior appear to be getting most of the blame for Motorola's inability to produce a great follow-up to the RAZR.

"We are headed into a new era that we define as the second phase of the Internet, driven by collaboration and Web 2.0 technologies where the network becomes the platform for communications and IT. It is an exciting time with new frontiers and opportunities for innovation. Padmasree's new role as CTO will help to develop and promote Cisco's future technology leadership," said John Chambers, chairman and CEO.

"Cisco is the global leader in networking with a deep heritage in technology. I am excited at the opportunity to join a world-class company poised to lead the next era of Internet evolution. I look forward to enabling future growth together with Cisco's top talent worldwide. Cisco's customer centric culture and purposeful commitment to innovation are integral parts of my leadership portfolio," stated Warrior.

For more on Warrior's new position:
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