Motorola to acquire Good Technology

Big news for the wireless email sector today: Motorola has signed a definitive agreement with Good Technology to acquire the company. Industry analysts see the move as a delayed reaction to Nokia's acquisition of Intellisync, which occurred nearly a year ago today. Most agree that deal hasn't panned out very well for Nokia--particularly in the enterprise market. As industry analyst Jack Gold notes: "The acquisition will severely constrain a major relationship that has put Good on the map--the one with Palm and the Treo devices (a very large part of Good's business). I do not think Palm will be keen to open the kimono to Good for future products." The move will probably have little effect on RIM's dominance of the market in the short term, but now both Nokia and Motorola have products similar to the longtime market leader. Gold says Palm is the big loser in this deal, but the effects won't be immediate.

We'll keep a close eye on this over the weekend and follow-up with more details next week.

In the meantime read the press release.

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