Motorola to launch a "media monster"

CEO Ed Zander announced that the company would be releasing a few handsets next Tuesday, including one that plays video at 30 frames per second. Zander also explained the business opportunity for selling movies stored on mini SD cards that can be played on video-enabled handsets. Zander said, "We are going to show a device next week...It is a media monster." It's worth noting that the Motorola Z8, which the company unveiled at 3GSM earlier in the year, plays video at 30 frames per second.

While the company plans on launching the device in Europe, where 3G networks are already in place, the SD loaded movies would work well in the U.S. as well. Zander said Motorola is currently working with another company to deliver movies on SD cards. Zander previously mentioned the upcoming mobile device debut when he was speaking at the company's shareholder meeting earlier in the week.

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