MVNO Helio to offer MySpace

MVNO Helio, the partnership between Earthlink and SK Telecom, gave some more details about its impending launch this spring that include a deal with MySpace and some exclusive handsets. The partnership with MySpace brings the extremely popular social networking service to mobiles. The "MySpace Mobile On Helio" will leverage the devices' advanced capabilities to keep MySpace members connected to their network through mail, bulletins, profiles, blogs and photo galleries, Helio said. While the market is crowded with MVNOs targeting the younger data-savvy consumer segment, Helio seems to have scored a major differentiator by incorporating MySpace, which is an exclusive deal, according to the company. MySpace has an estimated 55 million users, and is the second-most-viewed-website in the U.S. It's behind only Yahoo and is actually head of Google. It also accounts for 12 percent of online advertising, which may be a whole other interesting value proposition in itself for Helio.

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