National Public Radio goes mobile via Crisp

Mobile technology solutions and services provider Crisp Wireless announced a partnership with National Public Radio to debut NPR Mobile, a service promising consumers access to news and features from national and local NPR broadcasts via the mobile web. Crisp's proprietary mLogic platform automatically transcodes and delivers streaming audio to WAP-enabled devices--in addition, interactive voice response technology offers subscribers without web-enabled handsets to access NPR broadcasts by means of a click-to-call service.

"This is a solution that stands out in the marketplace--it supports any WAP-enabled device as well as allowing users to make a phone call into the IVR system to listen to a NPR story on the voice channel," said Crisp Wireless CEO Boris Fridmann in an interview with FierceMobileContent. "You can use any device."

NPR Mobile is a free, advertiser-supported service. "Here is a major brand, not with a strong teenage demographic, committing to the mobile model," Fridmann said. "This model is now truly mass-market, and people of all ages are going mobile to consume content." -Jason