NBA's Suns tap Verizon's FreeBee data to lure ticket buyers

Content providers aren't the only ones hoping to leverage Verizon's Free Bee Data. Now Verizon's sponsored-data plan is hitting the hardwood.

The NBA's Phoenix Suns are giving away data on Verizon's network to fans who purchase game tickets, as DSL Reports notes via MarketWatch. The Suns are giving 1 GB to fans who buy a single ticket in the lower bowl of Talking Stick Resort Arena, 2 GB to those who buy a second and 3 GB to those who buy three tickets.

The promotion is capped at 11 GB per fan, and those who don't use Verizon's service can "gift" their data to other users. Those who purchase cheaper game tickets get less data.

The nation's largest carrier launched FreeBee Data last month primarily as a way to enable content providers to pay for the data transmission of their offerings to users. Hearst Magazines, AOL and Gameday were named as launch partners participating in a pay-per-click trial of the sponsored content.

Earlier this month the carrier expanded FreeBee data to its Go90 mobile video app.

The Suns may be the first company aside from digital content producers to participate in the offering. Verizon has been criticized in some quarters by those who claim FreeBee data flies in the face of net neutrality principles because it allows only deep-pocketed content partners to push their content through, but the Suns deal is unlikely to ruffle feathers because it doesn't prioritize any specific content.

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