New 802.11n group includes Intel, Broadcom, no Airgo

Intel, Broadcom, Cisco Systems and two dozen other companies in the wireless industry formed a coalition to speed up the adoption of global standards for 802.11n. The Intel-led Enhanced Wireless Consortium (EWC) plans to submit a draft on the next-generation WiFi standard to the IEEE for consideration. The group houses members of rival factions--WWiSE and TGn Sync--which have been in a long-standing deadlock over specifications for the 802.11n standard. Intel led the TGn Sync faction, but the new EWC roster does not include WWISE leader Airgo.

Insiders say the consortium is likely to cause a further divide between the factions. The optimistic EWC, however, plans to have a draft proposal for the IEEE by November and a final proposal by next January. If Intel gets its way, come January 2007 we'll see a ratified 802.11n standard. Other EWC members include Apple, Atheros, Linksys, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba and USRobotics.

For more on the 802.11n standards saga:
- check out this article from the CNET

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