New Verizon insurance plan includes same-day screen repair

Verizon sign
Verizon's new insurance plan aims to reduce churn in a competitive wireless market.

Verizon introduced a new, limited-time phone insurance plan that includes same-day screen repair.

Dubbed Total Mobile Protection, the $11-a-month plan features next-day replacement in most cases and unlimited access to Verizon’s tech team to solve everyday problems. Users with cracked screens on certain phones can take their devices in to one of more than 270 locations for repair; the carrier also has mobile repair technicians to travel to customers in 115 markets.

Customers can file up to three insurance claims per line over a 12-month period, and Verizon charges a $49 deductible to repair a cracked screen.

“Total Mobile Protection provides the peace of mind that you’re protected against loss, theft, or damage to your phone or tablet,” Verizon said in its announcement. “From now to July 14th, protect your existing devices and get access to fast repairs or replacements for cracked phone screens. Certified mobile repair technicians are now available in 115 markets across the U.S. offering the convenience of being able to repair your screen wherever you prefer—at home, on vacation, at the coffee shop, or at the office.”

Verizon is clearly looking to differentiate itself from its rivals by offering a highly customized and responsive insurance program at an affordable price. Whether that strategy can help it retain customers in a cutthroat market where unlimited data plans and rock-bottom prices have become the norm, though, isn’t at all clear.