Nextel launches new mobile email service

Nextel Communications launched a new push mobile email service for Java-enabled handsets. The new service, called Mobile Email Enhanced, uses technology from Visto and can synchronize with Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Web-based email systems. Large businesses can set up Mobile Email Enhanced to work with an enterprise server, while users in smaller companies can synch their handsets with their PCs. While Nextel already offers the BlackBerry, the carrier will add this new email service to a number of its other handsets, including the Motorola i605, i355, and i275.

Mobile Email Enhanced will be offered as a part of Nextel's Premier Data Service Plan, which includes unlimited data access, 120 MMS messages, unlimited text messaging, and mobile Web access. Nextel Premier Data Service is available for $29.99 per month. Mobile Enhanced Email will also be a part of Nextel's Enhanced Data Services Plan, which is available for $19.99 per month, and as a standalone service with 2MB of email for $14.99 per month. Visto is a member of the 2004 FierceWireless Fierce 15, an annual list of the top emerging wireless companies.

For more on Nextel's new mobile email service:
- check out this story from ZDNet

PLUS: Nextel is reportedly running a trial using wireless equipment from IPWireless. Blog

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