Nielsen to monitor mobile TV ratings

Nielsen Media Research announced it will now provide integrated, all-electronic ratings for television whether it's on the Internet, outside the home, on mobile phones, on iPods or on other mobile devices. The new monitoring service is called Anytime Anywhere Media Measurement, or A2/M2. Media critics have long scolded the research firm for not getting with the times. This ambitious program should quell those critics, at least until the next new media comes along.

A2/M2 will use an Active/Passive metering technology that includes measurement of online streaming video content, Internet measurement in the company's People Meter samples and Out-of-Home measurement in People Meter samples. In addition, it will make use of new research based on viewer engagement. Nielsen also plans to roll out electronic measurement for all local markets by 2011. The company is currently developing new meters to measure video content viewed on portable devices.

For more on Nielsen's cross-platform monitoring:
- see this press release from the firm