Nielson study says Google dominates mobile search

A new study from Nielson Mobile revealed that Google significantly outpaced its mobile search competitors during the first quarter. The study says Google held a 61-percent share of the mobile search market, followed by Yahoo with 18 percent and MSN with 5 percent. Mobile customers used Google an average of nine times per month, while Yahoo was used 6.7 times per month. The majority of mobile searches had to do with general information, while 29 percent of Google searches and 34 percent of Yahoo searches sought local information.

One aspect boosting Google's success is the fact that it is the default search on the Apple iPhone, which boasts the highest browsing rates in the industry. Google has said that 50 times more searches come from the iPhone than any other mobile device. Still, both Google and Yahoo have room for improvement regarding the user experience. Nielson's study said that only 44 percent of mobile Google searchers and 40 percent of mobile Yahoo searches rated their experience high.  

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