Nokia acquiring Intellisync for $430M

Nokia has agreed to acquire wireless email and messaging provider Intellisync for $430 million. Intellisync's wireless email solution seeks to be platform-independent and device agnostic. Nokia aims to use Intellisync's solutions to enable its enterprise customers to connect any device to any data source, application or network. The companies plan to complete the transaction in the first quarter of next year.

The handset maker has its eye on the BlackBerry as it looks to embed Intellisync's wireless email and messaging solutions into its handsets. The proprietary systems from various handset makers has limited growth in the wireless email market, which is why Intellisync has been developing a consolidated system that can communicate with a range of mobile devices, including the Treo and BlackBerry, from one data server. On the heels of Nokia's recently launched Business Center software, the acquisition packs a powerful punch for the enterprise.

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