Nokia countersues Qualcomm

We weren't kidding a few weeks ago when we said, another day, another Nokia/Qualcomm lawsuit. The contentious patent infringement battle between Qualcomm and Nokia rages on. Today Nokia announced that it has filed a patent suit against Qualcomm in the Eastern District of Texas Court. The suit relates to Qualcomm's alleged unauthorized use of six Nokia implementation patents in its MediaFLO and BREW businesses. Specifically, Nokia says that Qualcomm has copied Nokia's innovations relating to MediaFLO and BREW and that the company needs access to these innovations to keep its MediaFLO and BREW technologies viable. Since Qualcomm has filed previous injunctions against Nokia, the Texas suit seeks both damages and injunctive relief.

Keeping track of all the lawsuits and countersuits between these two wireless heavyweights, is becoming increasingly difficult. We know there are existing suits in California, Wisconsin and Texas as well as in courts in Britain, France, Germany and Italy.

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