Nokia exec hints at Lumia phones for Verizon Wireless

A Nokia executive told Neowin the company expects to soon release a Lumia Windows Phone on Verizon Wireless. The news dovetails with recent comments by Verizon executives hinting that the carrier plans to support Windows Phone 8 devices when they become available. Though neither Microsoft nor Nokia has set a firm release date for Windows Phone 8 gadgets, many expect those to be released sometime in the fall. Richard Kerris, vice president of Nokia's worldwide developer relations, also told Neowin that Nokia's PureView camera technology would soon be released to its Lumia line of Windows Phone devices. Additionally, he said Nokia is working on technologies that would allow phones to recognize their surroundings, thus ensuring that business emails would not be displayed when users are at home, or that email and phone settings would not be available to a user's child when that child picks up the phone. Article

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