Nokia heads environmental initiative

Nokia is heading a new initiative among mobile phone companies to improve their environmental performance by doing more to raise customer awareness and participation in take-back and recycling. The group was created by the European Commission as a pilot project to look at how different industries could work to reduce the environmental impact of their products throughout their lifecycle. Other members include Motorola, which Greenpeace ranks as one of the worst when it comes to eliminating harmful chemicals, Panasonic Mobile, France Telecom, Vodafone, TeliaSonera, Intel, Espons, Spansion and Umicore. The group has agreed to a series of steps to reduce the environmental impact of mobile phones, including reducing energy consumption, eliminating the use of specific materials, improving the amount of phones collected through take-back initiatives (the cell phone recyclers should be happy about that) and giving consumers more environmental information about products. Incidentally, Greenpeace gives Nokia the highest ranking on the Green Electronics guide.

To read more about the environmental initiative:
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