Nokia hoists WiMAX flag 180 feet

Nokia setup a massive crane in the parking lot in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center at CTIA Wireless today to demonstrate the new capabilities of the new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, which is now WiMAX (802.16e) enabled.

Nokia strapped 20 journalists into roller-coaster style seats attached to a board meeting-like table and lifted the entire apparatus 180 feet into the air. In front of each journalist was a cup holder and a N810 device running on a WiMAX demo the company had set up in the lot.

The tablet is the first WiMAX device that Nokia will launch this summer in tandem with regional launches of Sprint's Xohm WiMAX network across the U.S. The device is WiFi-capable and WiMAX ready and features a 4.1-inch touch screen and slide-out keyboard.

Nokia president Mark Louison said the WiMAX version of the N810 will have a similar pricepoint to the previous WiFi-only version of the tablet, which sells for $439. Nokia said it will sell the WiMAX tablet on its website and will develop Xohm specific applications for the tablet, while making the old applications traditionally available on the WiFi version of the N810, too.

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