Nokia Networks CTO Moiin lays out his vision for 5G, calls for 'user-centric network design'

Although LTE and LTE Advanced are still being rolled out worldwide, the wireless-communications industry is already gearing up for 5G, envisioned as its next technology revolution. Many in the industry are debating exactly what features and benefits should be offered by this next generation of wireless. FierceWirelessTech Editor Tammy Parker recently checked in with Hossein Moiin, CTO of Nokia (NYSE:NOK) Networks, to discuss his vision for 5G.

Moiin, who was intimately involved in the development of the LTE standard, said that as companies and standards bodies develop 5G technologies, the industry should shift from a network-centric view to a "user-centric network design" that builds 5G around use cases and what people will actually be doing via wireless networks. Moiin also says 5G will most likely have a new air interface that will be standardized. He also touched on the possible use of millimeter wave technology, how network resources will be allocated and what needs to be done to move from 5G hype to reality. Hot Seat

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