Nokia quietly positions against Motorola

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Nokia is taking a low-key approach to positioning itself against Motorola and that company's recent decision to spin-out its handset business. Once Motorola made the announcement, Nokia did not barrage Wall Street with a new ad campaign or a surprise product launch, instead the phone maker is working more closely with U.S. carriers like AT&T and designing phones that specifically target the U.S. market. Nokia rarely works hand-in-hand with carriers because of its long-standing global approach to product design.

AT&T's North American head Mark Louison assumed his position about a year ago, but said it might take another year to see an impact from Nokia's focus on the North American market: "These aren't the sort of things where you wave a wand and things are better," Louison said.

For more on Nokia's push into the U.S.:
- read this WSJ article (sub. req.)


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