Nokia's North American CTO talks about 5G and the role of Wi-Fi

Mike Murphy, chief technology officer for Nokia (NYSE:NOK) Networks' business in North America, is an industry veteran whose experience includes research and development in WCDMA at Nortel Networks. He started working for Nokia in 2006, when he served as country manager in Japan, later becoming head of technology for Asia-Pacific before taking on an expanded role in the Asia, Middle East & Africa region. He was heavily involved in the first LTE deployments in South Korea and Japan. Early this year, he landed in the United States, making this his eighth country of residence. He recently talked with FierceWirelessTech Editor Monica Alleven about how he sees "5G" networks developing and being showcased, the role of Wi-Fi in carriers' networks, small cells and the disruptive nature of the open cloud environment. Hot Seat