Nokia trials its first LTE modem; Palm Pre price to drop?

> Nokia introduced its first LTE-capable Internet modem. Release

> Several reports are indicating that Sprint Nextel's indirect sales partners--like Best Buy--will drop the price of the Palm Pre to $149.99 after mail-in rebate from today until Oct. 31. Sprint declined to comment on the speculation and said: "If and when we have plans for pricing or devices, we will discuss that only after an official announcement." Article

> European Union antitrust regulators will form a panel in the coming days to look into their case against Qualcomm, according to a Reuters report. Article

> AppsFire reports that the average price of a paid App Store application is now $2.87--with free apps factored into the equation, the average price of each App Store download drops to $1.56. Here's a slideshow looking at the data. Slideshow

> Gemalto completed its acquisition of Trusted Logic. Release

> Can Nokia remain the giant player that it has become? Commentary

> Google has made major steps toward increasing Android's market share, including new Android market updates and the announcement that Sprint will launch the HTC Hero. Commentary

> European users will lead LTE growth, with a compound annual growth rate of over 50 percent, according to Coda Research. Article

> Sweden's Tele2 has chosen picocell technology to provide improved indoor 2G voice coverage for its enterprise subscribers. Article

> PureWave Networks plans to enter the WiMAX infrastructure market by releasing a line of low-power compact mobile WiMAX base stations. Article

> Huawei claims to lead its rivals in LTE patents. Article

> Verizon Wireless announced that more than 1,000 developers have registered to join its Verizon Developer Community since the program launched in late July. Article

And finally... Emergency crews in Wyoming battling a cargo truck fire had to take cover from exploding wine corks that came shooting out of the truck. Article