NPD: Sprint Android customers show declines in montly data usage

According to findings from NPD Connected Intelligence, Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S) Android smartphone subscribers are using less data per month than they were six months ago. According to NPD's data usage tracking software, Sprint's average monthly Android smartphone usage dropped from 1.38 GB per month in May 2012 to 0.76 GB in October. The findings are surprising considering that Sprint continues to offer unlimited smartphone data plans.

FierceWireless has teamed with NPD Connected Intelligence to publish the results of the firm's SmartMeter surveying software. NPD's SmartMeter software is installed on around 1,200 smartphones (participants are provided "incentives" to install the software on their phones). NPD for the past several months has tracked cellular data usage on 1,000 Android phones, and now counts around 200 iPhones in its survey base. Special report

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