NTIA requests comments regarding a U.S. spectrum strategy

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is requesting comments on the development of a National Spectrum Strategy (NSS) for the U.S.

Its Request for Comments (RFC) seeks broad input from all interested stakeholders, including private industry, academia and the public sector. Written comments must be provided by April 17, 2023.

The NTIA in collaboration with the Federal Communications Commission wants to identify at least 1,500 MHz of spectrum to study for potential repurposing.   

It is requesting comments in regard to three main “pillars.”

Pillar #1 — Spectrum Pipeline

NTIA wants input about a spectrum pipeline process to identify spectrum bands that should be studied for repurposing. Among the topics of discussion under this pillar are different spectrum access approaches including exclusive-use licensing, predefined spectrum sharing, and dynamic spectrum.

Pillar #2 — Long-Term Spectrum Planning

The NTIA and FCC are already collaborating under the Spectrum Coordination Initiative to develop a long-term strategic spectrum plan. But the RFC says, “We seek input on what a long-term planning process should entail, with whom and at what cadence should NTIA coordinate as part of such process, and how best to execute it.”

Pillar #3 — Spectrum Access and Management through Technology Development 

The NTIA seeks input about new technologies for spectrum management, including technologies that use tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning for spectrum coordination or interference protections.

Comments about the comments

NTIA Administrator Alan Davidson said, “Our National Spectrum Strategy will help to ensure that innovators and entrepreneurs can access the spectrum resources they need to bring exciting new products and services to market and that government missions can meet the demands of the 21st century.”

“Our airwaves are a valuable resource, and we need a whole-of-government plan for managing them and using them. That is why this kind of long-term spectrum planning is so important,” said FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel.

CTIA President and CEO, Meredith Attwell Baker said, “A pipeline of full power spectrum for licensed commercial use, as well as decisive action to restore FCC auction authority, is vital to U.S. economic and national security.”

CCA President and CEO Tim Donovan said, “CCA thanks NTIA for starting the process of developing a National Spectrum Strategy. Competitive carriers want and need access to valuable spectrum to continue to build and enhance their networks, and more spectrum made available for licensed use will ultimately benefit consumers and American competitiveness.”