O2 to cut roaming charges soon

U.K. operator O2 said it plans to cut its roaming charges, following the lead of Vodafone and T-Mobile. The carrier is "just putting the final touches on the plan." A spokesman for the carrier said the new rates will be unveiled within the next few weeks. Earlier yesterday, Vodafone said it would cut roaming fees within Europe by 40 percent by April of next year, following a warning from the EU, which said it would legislate on the issue if the carriers didn't act soon. T-Mobile also announced lower roaming charges for its U.S. and European carriers--a cut of up to 54 percent in fees for some. Despite all the moves from carriers, the European Commission says it will propose regulations on roaming before the summer. The EC said in April that roaming fees should be cut by as much as 40 percent because carriers are overcharging.

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