Ofcom's spectrum auction puts firms on edge

By the end of January, U.K. telecoms regulator Ofcom is due to release a policy statement detailing how its upcoming 3G spectrum auction will be run, what new services could be introduced over the air waves and which special conditions, if any, will be attached. The auction rules come after heated debate in the U.S. over the upcoming 700 MHz spectrum auction, which includes special "open access" rules for the winning bidder of the Upper C Block of spectrum.

Ofcom's spectrum auction has already been postponed once after firms rebuked Ofcom's initial plans to sell-off the spectrum as being premature and poorly conceived. The regulator has also come under fire for changing its stance on whether incumbents can use allocated 2G spectrum for 3G services, traditionally carriers could not. U.K. carrier 3 claims allowing them to do so would constitute discrimination against its business.

For more on the spectrum issues in the U.K.:
- read this article from the Times

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