Is this the Ooomf app developers need to get noticed?

This fall is packed with new smartphone launches, including Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 5 and Nokia's (NYSE:NOK) latest Lumias, and there are plenty of devices for consumers to get excited about downloading new apps. Behind the scenes, however, the venture capital community has been quietly buzzing about a new firm focused on in-store discoverability. Based in Montreal, Ooomf last month raised $500,000 from Real Ventures, BDC and others. Its services include setting up simple websites for new apps, curating and profiling compelling apps and providing mechanisms for developers to solicit feedback on logos and features on apps still in development. There are about 200 apps on the site right now, including some categorized as "coming soon." Find out if Ooomf can help developers with app discoverability in this FierceDeveloper special feature.

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