Where Amazon considers the “edge” to be hundreds of miles from the user, the mobile market sees it differently.

CTIA took the opportunity on Friday to applaud the White House for committing to 5G—and not through some sort of government-run system.

Most of that coverage uses non-standalone 5G with dual 4G connectivity and focuses on major metropolitan areas.

The government is expected to announce a Dec. 10 start date for the third millimeter wave spectrum auction.

Four operators in Japan have been allocated spectrum and have pledged a total of $14.6 billion in network investments.

It’s too soon to reveal specific speeds, but Boingo Wireless said it’s seeing big improvements with the trial deployment of Wi-Fi 6 at John Wayne Airport in…

A group of taxpayer and free market organizations are calling on the FCC to reject a proposal by the C-Band Alliance to free midband spectrum for 5G.

Recognizing the great threats posed to the IoT world, Telefónica has launched its own IoT Cybersecurity Unit, a new project that combines the company’s…