The chairman of the FCC said wireless operators’ response to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Michael has been “completely unacceptable.”

AT&T came in last place among OpenSignal's rankings of the nation’s four largest mobile video providers.

Dish Network has a wireless network buildout countdown clock installed at the entrance to the company’s headquarters.

A wide range of vendors continue to look for new growth opportunities for LTE equipment.

FierceWireless and Strategy Analytics are shedding some light on how much data customers are using, and how customers are paying for that data.

Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T have all made it very clear that they are either already offering 5G services or will be shortly. But the nation’s…

A California startup is looking to create a new category of device—essentially a smaller and more portable version of a standard smartphone.

Fixed wireless is proving to be a big benefit for customers of Midco in the upper Midwest.