'Out of the Park' swings for the fences with baseball game for iOS

Major League Baseball is back for another season, bringing with it all of its signature accouterments: The crack of the bat, the slap of leather, the smell of fresh-cut grass... and the latest edition of Out of the Park Baseball, the perennially popular simulation game first launched by developer Markus Heinsohn in May 1999. Out of the Park enables baseball fans to micro-manage all facets of a major league team, assembling lineups and pitching rotations, implementing offensive and defensive strategies and making a multitude of in-game decisions, all represented by a play-by-play text stream bolstered by visual and audio effects. In the latest Developer Workshop installment, FierceDeveloper spoke with iOOTP Baseball 2012 lead developer Sebastian Palkowski about the challenges of streamlining the game for the mobile platform, maintaining an app with so much data and why promotion is as important as programming. Special feature