Palm's mini Treo, Gandolf, now "Centro"

Sprint launched two note-worthy phones yesterday at its analyst summit: 

First off, the Palm handset, codenamed "Gandolf." The long-rumored mini Treo, which will be known henceforth as the "Centro," runs Windows Mobile 6 on Sprint's EV-DO network, sports a tiny QWERTY keypad and touchscreen and is allegedly the smallest Treo ever. Sprint is hoping to market this to the teen crowd, hence the price tag: $99. However, as Gearlog notes "The Centro has possibly the tiniest QWERTY keyboard I've ever seen. It's infinitesimal: it's actually impossible to type on this thing with two thumbs."

Sprint is also launching the Touch, HTC's Windows Mobile answer to the iPhone. While we've been hearing about the European version of the handset for a while now, the U.S. version will be seeing a few upgrades when it lands in November, most notably CDMA/EV-DO and a speed bump from 200 MHz to 400 MHz. Reports indicate that both Rev. A and GPS are on the way via a software update in the not too distant future.

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