Philips highlights IoT challenges as it drops support for third-party bulbs in Hue program

Philips is dropping support for third-party lightbulbs in its Hue program, CNET reported, citing "an increasing number of interoperability issues." Access to some non-Hue bulbs was blocked last week when a software update to the Philips Hue Bridge was issued, and the company said it is not currently working to support additional bulbs.

Philips said it recently launched a "Friends of Hue" program that will certify third-party products "to guarantee a consistent and long term interoperable experience," but few details regarding the program have been disclosed.

The news is notable considering AT&T's Digital Life, Google's Nest and other smart home offerings are opening their own doors to products from third parties.

As CNET noted, Hue has gained traction in large part "because of its open approach to smart lighting." Philips' move to drop support for new third-party bulbs once again highlights the ever-increasing fragmentation of the IoT market. Article