PlayPhone hopes to succeed where carrier app stores failed

The days of carrier-branded application storefronts are long gone, replaced instead by app stores from the leading smartphone platforms. However, what may be increasingly common on many handsets in the near future is an alternative app store from PlayPhone, which has managed to form partnerships with a number of the major U.S. carriers. PlayPhone describes itself as a social gaming service with more than 350 titles from Big Blue Bubble, 11Bits and several other independent developers. The company has signed up Verizon Wireless and Sprint to offer its store pre-loaded on select Android smartphones. PlayPhone has also partnered with AT&T on an HTML5 store. Those who use it will be able to purchase apps via carrier billing. Find out more about PlayPhone in this FierceDeveloper special report.

Correction, Sept. 25, 2013: This article incorrectly stated that PlayPhone partnered with AT&T on a pre-loaded app store. In fact, PlayPhone partnered with AT&T on an HTML5 store.

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