Publisher's Note

Publisher's Note: 

Last week, Sue announced that Dan O'Shea, the former editor-in-chief of Telephony, has joined our team. This week, I am pleased to give you an early heads up on the new publication we're developing. It's called FierceTelecom and we're launching it on Monday, August 13. I'm excited to get this one going.

FierceTelecom will focus on "what's next for Telcos," covering the network and service innovations, trends and technologies moving the industry forward. Though some topic areas will overlap, it is designed to complement FierceWireless by targeting the historically wireline side of the telecom industry, specifically Telcos. FierceTelecom will be distinct from other telecom publications by taking a forward-looking editorial approach (focusing on "what's next"), by emphasizing the Telco business perspective, and by presenting the information in our usual time-saving Fierce format, with exclusive insights and commentary you won't find elsewhere.

Curious? View a sample issue at To pre-register for a subscription, sign up at I'm curious about your feedback. Feel free to email me or click the comment link below and let us know what you think. -Jeff

P.S. Special thanks to Nokia Siemens Networks for being our lead sponsor as we launch FierceTelecom.