Qualcomm, Broadcom chairmen to hug it out?

A federal judge ordered Broadcom chairman Henry Samueli and Qualcomm chairman Irwin Jacobs to appear before his court last month in a closed session that aimed at reconciling the two companies and their clutch of lawsuits over wireless technology patents. The session took place yesterday and lasted most of the day. Neither chairman commented on the substance of the day's proceedings afterward, but before the session Samueli quipped, "You'll just have to see if I'm smiling or frowning when we come out." No word on the chairman's subsequent facial expression at this time. Broadcom claims Qualcomm is infringing on 18 of its patents, while Qualcomm holds that Broadcom is infringing on 10 of its patents.

For more on the Broadcom, Qualcomm saga:
- see this WSJ article (sub. req.)

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