Qualcomm: Broadcom ruling smarts

Qualcomm expects an "immediate, short-term impact" from a U.S. federal court's ruling in favor of Broadcom in a patent case. Qualcomm is considering an appeal and other legal options including a motion to ask for more clarification as to the specifics of the ruling, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal and RCR News. The ruling included a permanent injunction against new sales of EV-DO chips, but Qualcomm can continue to sell the chips for 13 months as long as it pays royalties to Broadcom.

Last week, David Rosmann, Broadcom's vice president of intellectual property litigation, said he couldn't estimate how much Qualcomm might have to pay under the ruling. But he added that Broadcom was "very pleased" with the ruling. Some analysts have estimated that Qualcomm would have to pay up to 6.5 percent of the revenue received from the infringing chips.

For more on the case:
- read this report from the WSJ

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