QUALCOMM finally joins WiFi Alliance

QUALCOMM, longtime proponent of 3G, has turned and joined the WiFi Alliance in a move to ensure its 3G data and voice chipsets are compatible with other members' wireless technology. The news is somewhat expected as the company recently announced plans to make 3G chipsets work with WLANs. QUALCOMM, however, has been caught between vendors and OEMs who want to incorporate 3G/IP convergence chipsets and carriers who fear that enabling wVoIP in handsets would cannibalize their core business.

It has taken QUALCOMM more than five years to come to terms with their stance on WiFi: The WiFi Alliance began testing products in 2000. The WiFi Alliance is a group of more than 200 WiFi technology companies that performs interoperability tests between members' products. This time next year we may see the company knocking on the WiMax Forum's door.

For more on QUALCOMM's Wi-Fi Alliance membership:
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