Qualcomm fires another lawsuit against Nokia

We predicted that the lawsuits would fly until Qualcomm and Nokia struck a new deal on an expiring licensing agreement that allows Nokia to sell CDMA and W-CDMA handsets and Qualcomm to sell GSM chips that rely on Nokia patents. In the latest round, Qualcomm has filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission, alleging that Nokia is infringing on six of its patents. This is the third complaint Qualcomm has filed against Nokia. In November, Qualcomm filed a suit in San Diego, alleging that Nokia infringed on 11 of its patents. Last month, Qualcomm filed a similar suit in the U.K. In its latest complaint, Qualcomm is looking to stop the importation of certain Nokia handsets and halt the sale, marketing, distribution and storage of those phones.

To read more about Qualcomm's latest lawsuit against Nokia:
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