Qualcomm hunts for carrier support for MulteFire

Qualcomm is pushing its MulteFire technology aggressively. The MulteFire Alliance, which was founded in December 2015, includes heavyweights such as Ericsson and Nokia, and new members include Cisco, SoftBank, and Neul, a wholly owned subsidiary of Huawei. The group is slated to release the final technical spec for the technology later this year.

As powerful as those backers are, though, MulteFire's long-term prospects are far from certain. Qualcomm will need to secure support from more high-profile companies to achieve similar success to that enjoyed by the Wi-Fi Alliance, which counts Apple, AT&T and Comcast among its backers. Whether some major wireless and cable operators join Qualcomm's effort in the coming months will go a long way toward determining whether MulteFire is here to stay. Article