Qualcomm inks patent licensing deal in China; T-Mobile unveils device for home HD-quality calls

More wireless news from across the web:

> Qualcomm has signed a deal to license 3G and 4G technologies to a Chinese electronics vendor. Cellular-News article

> T-Mobile launched a service providing HD-quality calls from home for $10 a month. TmoNews report

> Mobile purchasers tend to buy cheaper goods more often. MediaPost story

> HTC Vive can already play Rift 'exclusive' games. Yahoo News article

Telecom News

> Fiber build-outs by AT&T and CenturyLink helping to close the 'fiber gap' in businesses. Article

Wireless Tech News

> Apple has quietly revealed support for WebRTC. Article

Cable News

> Comcast asked a court to throw out a lawsuit brought by a jilted NBC affiliate in Boston. Article

And finally… AMC may allow moviegoers to text during movies. Article