Qualcomm responds to Nokia's claims

Qualcomm issued a statement yesterday in response to Nokia's latest lawsuits against the company in Germany and the Netherlands: "Not only are Nokia's accusations that Qualcomm's patents are exhausted demonstrably false, they are inconsistent with positions Nokia itself has taken as evidenced by the very fact that Nokia has paid royalties for many years to Qualcomm on CDMA2000 and WCDMA handsets that incorporate chipsets supplied by Texas Instruments." Qualcomm also points out that TI has publicly acknowledged its agreement with Qualcomm does not exhaust patents.

Finally, the response claims that "Nokia's actions in Germany and the Netherlands are merely the latest in a series of attempts by Nokia to avoid or delay a determination on the merits that Nokia's GSM/GPRS and EDGE subscriber products infringe Qualcomm's patents... Seeking to postpone a judgment of infringement against its GSM products, Nokia, in every one of these cases, has sought through legal maneuvering to delay the trial on the merits."

For more on the ongoing spat between Nokia and Qualcomm:
- read this press release

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