Qualcomm responds to Nokia, Sanyo break-up

Following the dissolution of the Nokia-Sanyo JV last week and Nokia's announcement to scale back its involvement in CDMA, Qualcomm aimed to alleviate fears that CDMA is faltering: "In view of Nokia's existing small presence in CDMA2000, we do not believe that Nokia's decision to ramp down will have any impact on the continued growth of CDMA2000 or any adverse effect on Qualcomm," said Qualcomm's Steve Altman. Altman also denied that Nokia's decision to scale back was in any way related to Qualcomm's licensing terms, since, according to Altman, the JV was going to operate under Sanyo's existing CDMA license. Rumors that India's operators were mulling a switch to GSM because of the availability of cheaper handsets has also added fuel to the CDMA scare as of late.

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