QUALCOMM: Rev. B devices out in 2007

CDMA operators won't roll out EV-DO Rev. A until early next year, but QUALCOMM says it's on track for commercialization of EV-DO Revision B in 2007. In fact, QUALCOMM said it expects to see commercial Rev. B devices on the market by the end of next year. QUALCOMM said the EV-DO Rev. B standard supports up to 4.9 Mbps in each channel for a combined three-channel data speed of up to 14.7 Mbps on the downlink, supporting applications such as mobile TV or streaming music with a concurrent voice call, or a VoIP conversation simultaneously with Internet browsing. Meanwhile, Nortel is recommending that carriers wait for the yet-to-be-defined Revision C standard, which will likely include OFDMA and MIMO technology, for even better data rates.

For more about QUALCOMM's Rev. B plans:
- check out this release from the company

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