Qualcomm's BREW gets Flashy

Qualcomm and Adobe have teamed to embed Adobe's Flash technology into the BREW platform. The move offers BREW's development community a new set of tools while also providing Adobe's developers with an opportunity to export their Web content and applications into the mobile world.

Following the announcement at Qualcomm's annual BREW developer's conference in San Diego yesterday, several BREW developers announced applications using the new Flash capabilities. Verizon Wireless said it would launch a new portfolio of Flash-enabled games and content.  

Interestingly, Adobe has had trouble porting its successful applications to mobile phones, despite the fact that it has signed multiple partnerships with mobile device makers. Few developers have been attracted to the mobile platform, partly because Adobe has created two separate Flash versions, one for the PC and the other for handsets. Both are significantly different from each other. With BREW supporting millions of devices, Adobe hopes Flash developers will have incentives to write applications for mobile phones.

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