Qualcomm's MVNO, healthcare's the hook

Qualcomm is prepping to launch a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) company called LifeComm, which is centered on healthcare but with a broader appeal to consumers interested in wellness, fitness and health maintenance. Qualcomm has yet to disclose what specific services and applications LifeComm will carry, but it has announced its target demographic: women ages 40 to 65, because they are key health "influencers." Potential services could involve fitness, weight management, diabetes management as well as monitoring services for heart health, hypertension and congestive heart disease.

While Qualcomm won't say which carrier its MVNO will be piggybacking on, the safe bet seems to be Verizon Wireless. LifeComm has admitted it has an agreement with a CDMA carrier and the service will run on Qualcomm's BREW platform, which is the same one Verizon uses. LifeComm will also make use of assisted-GPS for location services.

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