Qualcomm speaks out on 802.20 delay

Qualcomm launched its counter attack in the continuing saga over the 802.20 standard that will compete with WiMAX. Qualcomm says that Intel and allied companies, which includes Motorola, are using IEEE procedures in an attempt to stall development of the technology. Earlier this week it was revealed that Intel and Motorola threatened to make a formal protest about the way the working group's chairman, Jerry Upton, allegedly handled draft proposals in favor of Qualcomm and Kyocera. Upton called himself an independent consultant, but reportedly revealed to the IEEE that he had a relationship with Qualcomm. The IEEE has suspended standards-making activities while it investigates.

"It is very clear that Intel's sudden interest and the sudden influx of its allies is designed not to contribute to 802.20, but to disrupt and to try to stop its development -- because they see it as a threat," said Ronny Haraldsvik, a vice president of marketing in Qualcomm's mobile broadband business.

To read more about the battle brewing over 802.20:
- check out this article from The Wall Street Journal (sub. req.)

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