Qualcomm to countersue Broadcom

Qualcomm today said a lawuit from rival Broadcom is "meritless" and that the company plans to countersue. In its lawsuit, Broadcom claims that Qualcomm has abused the rights to technology Qualcomm licenses to other companies. Broadcom alleges that Qualcomm is stifling competition CDMA-based chipsets. Qualcomm holds a number of patents on WCDMA chip technology. Qualcomm claims that there are plenty of other companies selling WCDMA chips, and if Broadcom is not selling more chips, that is a sign of a healthy and competitive market. Broadcom, on the other hand, claims that Qualcomm is not licensing its WCDMA technology on fair terms, giving Qualcomm an unfair competitive advantage.

For more on the growing fight between Broadcom and Qualcomm:
- see this article from CBS MarketWatch

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